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With modern vehicles becoming more and more complex an ever increasing proportion of our work has become fault diagnosis and correction.

Even a once simple task of changing brake pads can now result in a system reset using a hand held diagnostic tester. We have invested heavily in a dealer level of equipment and an ongoing training program assures you that we are fully up to date with modern vehicles. We regularly undertake work for other garages and can offer the same diagnostic facilities as the main dealer at a fraction of the cost.

A system fault is indicated by a light on the dashboard. Examples of this type of fault are shown below;


We believe that we are probably the best equipped aftermarket garage in Cardiff and we pride ourselves on being able to undertake and repair the most complex faults. But if it is just a simple repair we can help with this too.

Some of the dealer specification tools we have available here at Fairwater Garages.

Some of the dealer specification tools we have available here at Fairwater Garages;


We are able to diagnose and repair the most complex faults on:

Engine Management Systems both Petrol and Diesel
Anti lock Braking Systems (ABS) and traction control systems
Air conditioning and climate control systems
Automatic gearboxes
Air bag and SRS systems
Immobilisers and key programming
Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) systems, both original equipment and aftermarket
Long life vehicle servicing
Tyre pressure monitoring systems
Electrical power steering systems

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